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                                  These are some of the ancestors of dogs I have now



Shang Su Love  Potion No 9  [ Wiz ]

Wiz's pedigree


This is Willow Hills Let's Do the Bossa Nova. The Boss is a Cassie and Guy combo. What a combo.











                                                                                                This is Guy

                                                                                                         Guy's Pedigree

                                                                                                          This is Mocha

                                                                                                   Mocha's Pedigree

This is Rocky, he weighs 6 lbs and produces small puppies.

Rocky's pedigree

This is Houdini, he weighs 6 lbs

Houdini's Pedigree


This is Tang


This is Cassie She is out of Buffy & Houdini

Cassie's Pedigree

This is Trinket

Trinket's Pedigree

This is Hazel She is out of Brabdy & Mocha


This is Cha Cha She is out of Cassie & Guy


This is Penny


This is Sandy She is out of Wiz & Ginger











This is Buffy, she weighs 8 lbs

Buffy,s Pedigree

This is Trixie, she weighs 8 lbs

Trixie's Pedigree

This is Star, she weighs 6 1/2 lbs

Star's Pedigree

This is Ginger, she weighs 6 lbs.


Ginger's Pedigree


This is Lolly and she weighs 5 lbs.

Lolly's Pedigree

This is Brandy

Brandy's Pedigree


 Pixie and she weighs 7 lbs

Pixie's Pedigree



This is Sugar, she is out of Lollie and Houdini


                                                                                     This is Shangsu Tootsie of Willow Hills






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