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                                  These are some of the ancestors of dogs I have now



Shang Su Love  Potion No 9  [ Wiz ]

Wiz's pedigree


This is Willow Hills Let's Do the Bossa Nova. The Boss is a Cassie and Guy combo. What a combo.











                                                                                                This is Guy

                                                                                                         Guy's Pedigree

                                                                                                          This is Mocha

                                                                                                   Mocha's Pedigree

This is Rocky, he weighs 6 lbs and produces small puppies.

Rocky's pedigree

This is Houdini, he weighs 6 lbs

Houdini's Pedigree


This is Tang


This is Cassie She is out of Buffy & Houdini

Cassie's Pedigree

This is Trinket

Trinket's Pedigree

This is Hazel She is out of Brabdy & Mocha


This is Cha Cha She is out of Cassie & Guy


This is Penny


This is Sandy She is out of Wiz & Ginger











This is Buffy, she weighs 8 lbs

Buffy,s Pedigree

This is Trixie, she weighs 8 lbs

Trixie's Pedigree

This is Star, she weighs 6 1/2 lbs

Star's Pedigree

This is Ginger, she weighs 6 lbs.


Ginger's Pedigree


This is Lolly and she weighs 5 lbs.

Lolly's Pedigree

This is Brandy

Brandy's Pedigree


 Pixie and she weighs 7 lbs

Pixie's Pedigree



This is Sugar, she is out of Lollie and Houdini


                                                                                     This is Shangsu Tootsie of Willow Hills


Willow Hills Lets Do The Charlston "Chuckles"

This little boy is a Cha Cha - Tang Combo He is extremlely short backed  and short legged and has one of those wonderful bodies I have been breeding for, he is bearly 4 pounds (love him).


This is Willow Hills Lil  Foxie. She is out of Buffy & Guy


This is Willow Hills Miss Sydney. She is out of Foxy & Wiz.  Foxy is a Buffy & Guy daughter









This is Jewels. She is a Boss - Trinket combo. She weighs 5 pounds.



This is Willow Hills Sheera of Shih Tzu Station




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