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These are Parti yorkies and carriers, meaning either the mother or father to the dogs were parti yorkies.  They will carry the parti gene and bred to a parti will produce either parti yorkies or parti carrier yorkies  Do not take any pictures off this site, they are copyrighted and you can be sued for taking these without permission and putting them anywhere else.    

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                                   Adults below are not for sale

    This is Kingston. He weighs 3 3/4 Lbs. and has it all, baby face, & lots of color, small....


This is Willow Hills Lil Grace. She is out of Crownridge Doodles & Killer. Thank you Loryn for this beautiful little 5 pound girl.



This is Bella and she is out of Zip and Viva, she weighs 4 lbs.




                                                                These are pictures of Zip and Viva.



                                                                               This is Willow Hills Lil Pipper