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Willow Hills Lets Do The Charlston "Chuckles"

This little boy is a Cha Cha - Tang Combo He is extremlely short backed  and short legged and has one of those wonderful bodies I have been breeding for, he is bearly 4 pounds (love him).


This is Willow Hills on the Mark. This little guy is special to me. He is out of Trinket & Guy. He weighs almost 4 lbs. and has the sweetest personality.

This is Willow Hills Kiss of Shih Tzu Station.

Thank you Tammy Dekel for this exquisite cream boy.

This is Willow Hills Herman "Hermie"

Our tiny 3.25 lb red male with black mask is a Tangelo and Penny combo.



Willow Hills Derert Storm

This handsome red and white by is a Guy and Sandy como.


This is Willow Hills Lil  Foxie. She is out of Buffy & Guy

Foxie when she was a puppy


This is Willow Hills Miss Sydney. She is out of Foxy & Wiz.  Foxy is a Buffy & Guy daughter



This young lady is Willow Hills Lil Carman. She is out of Sugar & Tang.

This is Willow Hills Sheera of Shih Tzu Station Thank You Tammy


This is Willow Hills Lil Taffy Delight.

This little girl is out of Sugar & Tang. What a little doll. Her full sister is Carman, take a look.


This is Willow Hills Honey of Winterberry Pines.

Thank you Debbie Freeman for this gorgeous cream girl.

This is Jewels. This little darling is a Boss - Trinket combo. She is just a treasure. I can't wait to see what she will produce. She is 5 pounds


This is Shang Su Hot Sizzle of Willow Hills

This is WIllow Hills Flamour Girl "Girlie"


Willow Hill Chuey Chocolate Delicacy "Dell"

Thank you Shelby form Sweet and Sassy for this beautiful chocolate girl



Willow Hills Carmella Delight "Carmella"

This stunning Brindle girl is a Guy and Dee combo


Willow Hills Lil Mazey

This red and white lil girl is a Mark and Cassie combo


Willow Hills lil Carmie "Carmie"

This Gold beauty is a Sheera and Tangelo combo.


Willow Hills Lil Cee Cee

She is a Carman and Boss red and white combo.



Willow Hills lil Candy

This spectacular red and white Sugar and Hermie combo.


Willow Hills Lil Magnolia

This sweet little girl is a Foxy and Mark Gold combo.



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